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With Knowledge Comes Power


I think that’s how the saying goes. If that’s the case, can you guess what comes with self-knowledge?


Somehow Steve Jobs knew we all needed an iPhone, and look at where we are now. 


Scary, but we have to face the fact that we are indeed unique with an incomparable combination of experiences and skills. But only a few of us spend time considering the enormity of our true potential and how it could be used.


Does the research department have a monopoly on good ideas?


You don’t have to come from Krypton or be bitten by a radioactive spider to become a superhero. You already have it within you.


There is a huge untapped world of clients waiting to hear what you have to say and how. It’s funny, so many superheroes wait until a great loss before taking action, and that never seemed right to me. Don’t wait for external forces to awaken your ‘superskills.’


Rules can be cool but sometimes they haven’t caught up to technology – your technology. I suggest trashing the rules that are holding you back from doing good and helping people who need your help. No one will notice.


What client doesn’t want their mind blown by a fantastic strategy or insight? You can follow, or you can lead!


The only difference between the rule makers and the rule followers is the decision to take charge. 


Consider what you could take charge of. Got ideas? Share them. Test them on colleagues and potential clients. Watch for the sparkle in their eyes.


A great idea is not great if you keep it to yourself. If you’ve ever thought, “They’ve got it all wrong” or “The real truth is…” you are probably right, so get it out there.


Can a Flip Phone Make a Career?


Back in the day, I sold a $5,000 Motorola Micro Tac Flip Phone (sorry, Samsung) to a bond trader friend of mine who was so broke he had to share it with three colleagues. 


He knew it was cool, but had no idea what to do with it, so I told him to purposely run late for client meetings so he could then call and apologize from his ‘flip phone.’ People want to be part of something cool and fun as much as they want an ROI.


You are someone with undeniable knowledge and insight, yet you are living your life according to someone else’s rules. No one specific; just rules you chose for the purpose of abdicating and containing your power.


When you accept that you have virtually the same capacity as every other human on Earth, then you can see that what you are truly capable of is almost beyond imagination. 


If you ever want to reach your own potential, you must admit it exists. 


And when you do, be careful. You might see a few sparks shooting from your fingertips.


David Patrick Green

Actor / Coach / Educator / Trainer

Guest Blog for Advisors.to