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Wellness Coaching

Holistic well-being and performance solutions

Through interactive workshops, professional coaching and mindfulness practices, our Wellness Coaching provides visible improvement in physical and mental well-being while enhancing professional wellness. Wellness coaching by professionals, for professionals.

Wellness Coaching Benefits

Wellness Coaching offers long-term benefits individually and professionally:/strong>

Stress Reduction and Anxiety Management:

Participants learn how to use the breath for stress and anxiety, empowering them to navigate professional challenges with resilience and calm.

Greater Self-Awareness and Emotional Regulation

By tapping into the power of breath, participants will enhance their self-awareness and cultivate emotional intelligence, fostering healthier relationships and decision-making.

Improved Mental Clarity and Focus

Breathwork techniques will equip participants with tools to enhance mental clarity, creativity, and focus, thereby optimizing productivity and performance in the workplace.

Overall Well-being and Happiness

Adopting regular breathing practices will facilitate a deeper connection with oneself and promote overall well-being and happiness, leading to a more fulfilling and purposeful life.

Mental Fitness

The mental fitness packages focus on maximizing the use of mental resources so professionals can approach even the most challenging situations with a constructive mindset. It consists of practical and educational elements that one can apply in any given real ­life scenario. This program builds the base to increase individual and team performance on a long-term basis and to enhance creativity. It is based on the concepts of mindfulness, breath coaching, and positive intelligence.

*a minimum of 8 sessions per package is required, unless otherwise agreed

Start & Maintain*

Group package – 15 min per session

Extra mental boost without big commitment – to start or maintain! Each session includes short practices and can include corresponding learnings.

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Grow & Strengthen*

Group package – 30 min per session

Mental muscle training – to start, grow and strengthen! Each session includes longer practices accompanied by some corresponding learnings and Q&A.

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Build & Integrate

Individual package – 45-60 min sessions

An 8-week program designed to create mental fitness with a variety of intensive practices. Build the base for sustainable stress management, emotional intelligence, qualitative relationships and innovative thinking. This program consists of practical and educational elements and is especially recommended for professionals in key roles.

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Corporate Yoga

Corporate yoga classes include exercises specifically tailored to the challenges of professionals in an office­like environment and focuses on creating physical fitness and stress relief.

*a minimum of 8 sessions per package is required, unless otherwise agreed

Virtual or Onsite Group Session*

15 – 30 min per session

Feel refreshed and energized with this corporate yoga break! The sessions include exercises focusing on posture, flexibility, core and back strength, joint mobility, and relaxation.

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Customized Sessions*

Custom session length

A package completely tailored to the needs of the group or individual! Additional elements, such as breath coaching or mental fitness, can be included. The session can be adapted to specific events, bundles, or packages, for groups or individuals, online or onsite.

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Stress Management Workshop

This workshop focuses on increasing awareness for a holistic and sustainable stress management. The participants will gain clarity about their own symptoms of stress and their personal triggers in order to be able to directly impact their behaviour. Additionally, the participants will explore some examples of practical anti-stress tools to face challenging situations constructively.

Key Learnings:

  • The concept of stress, its importance and impact
  • Reflecting and identifying individual symptoms of stress
  • Reflecting and identifying personal stress triggers
  • Creating an action plan to reduce or eliminate stress triggers
  • Additional practical anti-stress tools

Duration: 2.5 hours including breaks
Includes educational and practical elements interactive and self-reflective exercises.

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