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Do you use instagram to promote your services? Then you know growing followers and converting those followers to paying customers is not exactly easy – but there’s something you may be overlooking!

Many wealth advisors think the best way to gain new followers & make sales through instagram is to constantly create new content to post every day, over and over, until someone, somewhere, buys from them. What a hamster wheel that sounds like, right?

While consistently creating valuable content for your potential and current client base is definitely a great strategy, you may feel there is something missing if you are consistently posting but noticing that you aren’t getting interaction or gaining any new followers.

If you’ve been using instagram for a while, you know that the algorithm (the order in which instagram chooses to show posts to current & potential followers) is always changing! But when it comes to marketing, there is one thing that never changes: people. The core of marketing is about building relationships and trust with your target audience. When it comes to social media, the key to doing that is to, well, be social!

So, are you ready to learn a simple, yet effective strategy on how to grow an instagram audience and convert that audience to customers? Try these tips:

1. Connect with your followers by commenting on and sharing their posts

You don’t have to follow everyone on your list, but do make an effort to follow active accounts who fall into your target audience. Then spend some time scrolling through your newsfeed or heading to these people’s profiles to like, comment, and share their posts! Keep in mind that if you are commenting or sharing, make sure it makes sense and is genuine and relevant. By doing this, it shows you care and are interested in your followers.

2. Use Instagram Stories to interact further. 

Instagram Stories is a great feature to keep building a relationship with your audience. There’s two ways to do this: you can create your own stories with questions and polls so that your audience has something to interact with (check this out in the “stickers” section of stories). Or, you can interact with, reply, and answer polls to the people who you are following!

Different from a feed post, when you react to a story, it automatically goes to the direct messages. Being in a direct message with a follower will drastically increase the chance that your next post gets seen by that follower.

Golden nugget: because stories are a direct gateway to the “DM’s”, they often result in more sales than instagram feed posts.

3. Celebrate & Collaborate

Do you keep track of client & customers birthdays, anniversaries, or special dates in your CRM system? Think of social media as a way to connect with followers for their special occasions. Wish your followers happy birthday, congratulations, and encouragement as they achieve or celebrate their lives and accomplishments. Compliment them and their efforts. Shout them out on your stories and in your posts to gain THEM more traction. You get what you give.. So give give give and in turn you will receive comments, shares, and interaction back!

Golden nugget: Always remember to ensure you are being genuine and authentic. Inauthenticity will show and can damage reputation.

So the next time you think about your instagram struggle, just remember, put people first! Use social media to make genuine connections alongside of creating great content. It will pay off in more valuable relationships with people who’ll keep coming back for more.

Olivia Crane


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