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TeamWorks™ Customized Coaching

Helping successful teams become even stronger

Through interactive working sessions, unique tools, and professional coaching, TeamWorks™ Customized Coaching will challenge and support your team as you work to set goals and achieve meaningful shifts within your business. Delivering significant results for hundreds of clients over 20 years.

Enhanced process management, communication and efficiency.

We have been providing coaching and consulting to Advisor teams across North America for over 20 years. Our primary focus is working with successful advisor teams and helping them become even stronger through enhanced process management, communication and efficiency. TeamWorks™ Customized Coaching provides interactive working sessions that challenge advisors and their teams to build a better business and improve their team practices. The outcome: Increase in assets, revenue, ROA and top tier households. Not to mention a happier & healthier team.

What makes us stand out? We use an assessment tool to highlight the individual talents within a team/business. Are you good at following your instincts? What if you could quantify your instincts and use them to work more efficiently and more productively? At Advisors.to we have used this specific process with thousands of professionals to help them do just that.

A higher functioning team

More team satisfaction = more client satisfaction

Imagine breaking barriers and gaining shared language with an understanding of team processes, tools, and talents. Together, you can create an action plan with measurable, achievable goals. With experience behind us, we take pride in being able to provide insight into international best practices and business solutions for maximized productivity, health, and happiness.

About the Kolbe Index®

Your secret weapon to building the strongest team

The Kolbe Index® is the only known measure of instinct. This makes it different from other measures you may be familiar with (DiSC, Myers Briggs, POP). In our work with your top performing team you will learn positive strategies for trading off individual abilities, taking advantage of individual differences and making the most of knowing who can be counted on to perform necessary tasks.

What to expect

A glimpse into the TeamWorks™ Customized Coaching process


Understand your personal and team instinctive strengths and how you can work together with your team to create greater synergy.

Working sessions

Identify a process that you will focus on for improvement to get to a more efficient, effective, and seamless service for your clients. Explore and share best practices that we can incorporate into your business for greater results.

Follow-up coaching

Partner with a coach who will support you as an added resource to your team to keep you accountable to your action plan moving forward to your vision.

Take Action Today

Here’s how to get started

We Have the Experience, Confidence & Mentorship All Leaders Strive For

Please take a moment to send us any questions you may have about Advisors.to training programs and services. We are here to assist at any stage in your life – and it starts by saying hello.

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