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Throw open the windows, brush off the sills, and dust away the cobwebs – it’s time to do some serious spring-cleaning. Advisors and their teams have undoubtedly collected their fair share of clutter over the winter, and the change of seasons is the perfect time to sort out the piles and files building up around the office.


One of the biggest reasons spring-cleaning doesn’t get done is the feeling that the task is monumental. As with any project, making a list can help you tackle the job one step at a time.


Grab a pad of paper and a pen. Sure, digital checklists can keep you accountable, but nothing replaces the satisfaction of literally scratching something off a list. Your sense of accomplishment will propel you forward to complete the job.


List Tips

  • Make it point form
  • Prioritize the tasks
  • Make it actionable
  • Gather supplies


“Nothing ever seems impossible in spring, you know.” – L.M. Montgomery.


Advisors have a unique collection of items around their office that will differ from household spring-cleaning needs, but the concept and goals are the same. Organizing your space and documents leads to efficiency, and a simple way to improve productivity and professionalism in your business.


The Checklist

  • Create categories for paperwork (file/address/discard)  
  • Update contact information
  • De-clutter desk drawers
  • Clean electronics
  • Toss away old magazines and newspapers
  • Shred sensitive documents
  • Discard outdated pamphlets and brochures
  • Throw away the dead plant in the corner of your room (it’s not coming back to life)
  • Introduce a new living plant to your workspace
  • Dust and disinfect every corner of your room
  • Unsubscribe to obsolete newsletters & advertisements
  • Sort & downsize your computer inbox
  • Discard or recycle old pens
  • Let in some fresh air
  • Create your own checklist
  • Encourage your team to follow suit


Regardless of the scope of your spring-cleaning plan, the only way to start is to…start. An organized, refreshed workspace will significantly benefit your workflow and sense of calm. Having all the necessary tools at your fingertips will keep you from losing track of things and save you valuable time.


Take this opportunity to examine your space and determine the most efficient way of operating, and enjoy the feeling of completing a job and kicking off a new season of freshness.


Advisors Team