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Social Media Coaching

The Social Suite Program

A social media training and coaching program for advisors and their teams. Learn how to grow your business and keep up with the evolving online space through social media marketing.

Amplify your message

The Social Suite Program is social media training and coaching program for advisors & their teams. The client works virtually with a coach to learn Amplified Social’s 4-step method to social media success:

Creating a strategy

Utilize our clarity workbooks to set social media goals, find inspiration, and create a unique content plan & schedule.

Attracting your niche

Define your unique messaging and tone of voice and ensure it’s consistent across all your digital channels.

Creating Compelling Content

Learn how to organize your content plan and create customized content for social media.

Growing an audience & analyzing results

Learn how to network on social media and attract new followers to your page, and analyze your plan’s success using social media metrics.

This 6 month program includes:

  • A professional audit of up to 3 channels
  • 6 virtual coaching/training calls with the Advisors and/or the team
  • Access to Amplified’s online course with over 20 training videos &
  • A customized marketing plan for your team at the end

Though we follow a process, the program is completely customized to the individual or team based on their goals and experience.

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