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We are all born with an insatiable appetite for learning, but life gets in the way at some point. We allow barriers to stop us and stifle our natural desire and innate curiosity for continued education. How can we harness that again and create opportunities to grow?


As an advisor, your demands are great, typically with a number of daily tasks—the reality of any job. Calls need to be made, meetings conducted, and portfolio changes addressed. What if you mix things up a little and try them in a new way? You may be surprised by the positive results. By approaching an old pattern in a new way, you can transform your business and lead to greater success.


Begin the process with easily manageable changes. Open up a journal or a fresh document on your computer, and write down a list of what you’d like to do. Create a personal action plan with a focus on learning or trying something new.


“It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.” – Leonardo da Vinci.


The familiar adage, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” doesn’t apply to humans. In fact, it’s not true of dogs, either. They are innately wired to continue learning. They take in their environment and adapt. If Spot or Fido can learn daily, so can you. Challenge yourself to learn something new every day.


Learn to:

  • Take a risk. Stepping outside of your comfort zone can have a transformative payoff.
  • Try a new sport. Pickleball is taking over the world. Why not join in?
  • Explore social media. The benefits to your business are priceless.
  • Acknowledge past mistakes and use the lessons learned for the future.
  • Ignite your creativity with a different or previously enjoyed hobby or craft.
  • Play. Adults often lose sight of the importance of pastimes that are simply for fun. Play an instrument, play a word or strategy game.
  • Speak another language. It increases your brain and memory function and increases creativity.
  • Embrace change. If you regularly meet clients in the office, try a new locale. A café with a skilled barista can alter the atmosphere and create new possibilities.


“Research shows that you begin learning in the womb and go right on learning until the moment you pass on. Your brain has a capacity for learning that is virtually limitless, which makes every human a potential genius.”Michael J. Gelb.


From one potential genius to another, let the learning begin!


Advisors Team