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With spring-cleaning tasks behind you, now is the ideal time to address the core details of organizing your business. Advisors and their teams have lists of clients, contacts, and other COIs, internal experts, that are subject to change throughout your operation. Keeping everything and everyone on track is the key to a successful and lucrative business.


The essence of being an advisor relies on keeping specific detailed records of your team, clients and COIs to guide them toward their goals. An effective way to accomplish this is to break it down into three main categories: Managing your team, maintaining your clients, and growing your business. Assuming you’re already up and running, you must take the necessary steps to continue your day-to-day tasks while organizing and re-organizing each element of your company.


“Let’s start at the very beginning; a very good place to start.” – Rogers & Hammerstein, The Sound Of Music.


The optimum way forward is to break down your goals into categories. Depending on how much sorting you need to do, you may need to resign yourself to the fact that it may get messier before it gets cleaner. Gather all your files, both paper and digital, and begin.


Your Team

  • Establish clear roles for each team member
  • Set up individual meetings to clarify those roles
  • Update your team contacts
  • Determine if you need to add more members to your team
  • Create or recreate clear team manuals to maintain consistency
  • Plan for upcoming off-sites

Your Clients

  • Take an inventory of your client list
  • Update all contact and goal details
  • Create categories for each client
  • Arrange meetings to keep connected
  • Update client service model
  • Educate clients about new services and products

Your Business

  • Revisit your brand profile
  • Connect with all COIs
  • Address future marketing plans
  • Strategize your business plan
  • Take inventory of office supplies
  • Research and introduce new products


Re-affirm your priorities and business model as you move forward and create a long-term plan. Visualizing and implementing strategies to get you and your team where you want to go is vital to your growth as a company, so hop to it.


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