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Communication Simulation

Deepening your relationships.

Peter Gardiner-Harding

Relationship Training

Playsthatwork inc. is a simulation company consisting of experienced roleplay actors who challenge advisors and organizational leaders through the use of boardroom and client simulations as well as mini-case studies. They put practice into knowledge, shape skills into behaviour and create confidence that truly elevates communication, performance and results in everyday life and business.
Peter Gardiner-Harding

Practice & Performance Management

Deep down, Peter has always been an actor. But life has a way of giving us exactly what we need, when we need it. When he turned 30, he had a business degree from University of Toronto and had just become the fourth CA in his family. Studying business was the best possible introduction to the theatre that he could have received. There is a lot of drama in business today. When his business network heard him talk about integrating the arts into business learning, his credibility encouraged them to find out more.

Get curious.

Impact Areas

  • Leadership Development 99% 99%
  • Behavioural Change 100% 100%
  • Inspiring & Motivating Others 95% 95%
  • Culture Change Impact 97% 97%


Big Brother and Father

Having lost both parents at a young age, Peter took on the role of father to his sister and became a father himself at 25.

Chartered Accountant

He went back to school at age 25 to become an accountant, then left his designation and “corporate Canada” behind to become an actor; a lifelong dream.

Masters in Divinity

Thereafter, Peter spent two years studying theology, partially completing a Masters in Divinity. 

Spiritual Counselling

Once a week for 8 years before moving to BC, Peter did volunteer counselling with inmates in the Ontario prison system.

Mentor and Ski Instructor

He taught skiing to people living with disabilities for 8 years at Mount Washington’s Vancouver Island Society for Adaptive Snowsports (VISAS).

Currently, as Executive Director at playsthatwork inc.

Playing the stories of people’s lives, Peter’s intention is to help them grow more fully into whatever they do (whether that’s medicine, wealth advising, nursing, retail selling, board governance leadership, technology development, forensic accounting – whatever!).

Better Health. Better Life. Better Business.™


Providing Training & Structure for
Wealth Advisors, Teams and Organizations

Words to Live By

“In bringing your stories to life, we help your people build tomorrow.” 

Peter Gardiner-Harding

“It is more important to be on purpose with who you are, then with what you do.” 

Peter Gardiner-Harding

“Reflecting on your professional practice is the goldmine from which all growth comes.” 

Peter Gardiner-Harding