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Health & Business

Build resilience and increase confidence.

John Scott

Regional Director, Branch Manager, Wealth Advisor, Head of Training, and Athlete

With 30 years of experience in practice management, John’s holistic coaching style allows advisors to not only survive but thrive. He teaches teams and individuals how to build greater resilience and increase confidence to support higher and more sustainable performance.

John Scott

Practice & Performance Management

A growth-oriented leader with breadth and depth in the financial industry at both branch and regional levels, John is known for being an inspiring leader with an authentic, trustworthy style. He builds strong, productive relationships with Advisors and teams. John’s underlying interest is to help teams elevate the client experience and achieve strong business results in a healthy, performance-oriented workplace.

More great, less grind.

Impact Areas

  • Leadership Development 97% 97%
  • Vision & Growth 96% 96%
  • Sustainable Performance 100% 100%
  • Inspiring Others (“People Matter”) 98% 98%


30 Years in Wealth Management

Regional Director, Branch Manager, Wealth Advisor, Mentor to New Advisors. John brought a results-driven approach to these roles with a foundation of respect and a firm belief that people matter.

Long-Distance Swimming Records

Holds Canadian and World Record for swimming across Lake Ontario (51km) and was the first person to swim Christian Island to Collingwood (32km) in Georgian Bay.

Special Olympics World Winter Games

As Chairman, John co-created a vision and executed the “Best Ever” Games with almost 2,000 athletes from 73 countries.

Bucket List Adventures

Completed two dog sledding trips in the Canadian Arctic. Climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya. Windsurfing in big wind.

More Great, Less Grind

Years ago, John began a journey to understand and overcome the negative stress that affects many of us. We should care about the cost of that stress. As an expert, John helps people move through the challenges to do life and work well by experiencing more great and less grind.

Neuroscience of Goal Attainment

Successful wealth management professionals are not so different from high-performing athletes. John coaches advisors and teams with a passion for optimizing human capital and developing sustainable high performance.

Better Health. Better Life. Better Business.™


Providing Training & Structure for
Wealth Advisors, Teams and Organizations

Words to Live By

“As we become more aware of our own personal and collective social responsibilities, the shift from a ‘value economy’ to a ‘values economy’ is already underway.” 

John Scott

“There is meaningful ROI in helping advisors feel good and think clearly and sustain healthy high performance.” 

John Scott

“People matter: acknowledge them, appreciate them, listen and get to know them as unique individuals. This optimizes their human capital, resulting in more great and less grind.” 

John Scott

“The world of the happy is quite different from that of the unhappy.”

Ludwig Wittgenstein