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Performance & Well-Being

Build mindfulness, resilience, and flow.

Derek Covington

Mindfulness Coach, Olympic Performance, Founder and Principal InnerStride Performance

Throughout my 20+ years in Olympic sport over nine Olympic Games, I have helped elite performers and teams across the globe achieve success. As a former competitive hurdler and coach, I have learned first-hand the importance of mindfulness in achieving success – more than a series of techniques, but a personal journey.

Derek Covington

Combining Performance & Well-Being

Known for being innovative and visionary with a track record of world-leading excellence in designing systems for individuals and teams to perform their best under stress in complex, high pressure environments.

Coaches performers to enhance the human capacity for peak performance, resilience, focus and “flow.” We conquer ourselves – not the mountain.

Mindfully yours.

Acclaimed Skills

  • Mindful Performance Coaching 95% 95%
  • High Performance Team Cultures 95% 95%
  • Olympic Performance Preparation 95% 95%
  • Leadership Development & Design 90% 90%


Games and Championships

Director / leader / manager at 20 major games and championships. McGill University 60m hurdle varsity record holder (1989-2019). 1988, 1989 – Canadian National Champion, 110m hurdles – Junior and University (USport).

Athletics Canada

National Program Director and Speed and Power Programs. Directed all aspects of the Canadian National Team Program.

Canadian Olympic Committee

Olympic Performance Director for team performance preparation strategies at the Olympic Games. Over 3 Olympic cycles; leading Team Canada’s progressive improvement to back-to-back best ever Games in Rio and Pyeongchang.

mPEAK Coach

Mindfulness Performance Enhancement Coach. University of California San Diego Center for Mindfulness, School of Medicine.

President of Aviron Quebec Rowing

Leading the growth of the sport of rowing in Quebec through local, provincial, and national partnerships.

InnerStride Performance

Meditation training and well-being strategies for high-performance lifestyles.

Better Health. Better Life. Better Business.™


Providing Training & Structure for
Wealth Advisors, Teams and Organizations

Words to Live By

“Being ‘more’ is about making the day to day improvements, while growing and learning Every. Single. Day. It’s what you are focusing on in the moment that counts; and it’s about doing what others may not be prepared to do to get there. Success is simply the consequence of your actions, behaviours and choices while maintaining your perspective on the big picture.” 

Derek Covington

We have this idea that we can orchestrate our transformation by making annual resolutions, but of course, transformation – real transformation – is more often the by-product of having fully committed ourselves to an unknown path or been pushed into one (like as a result of a pandemic). 

Derek Covington

Trusting ourselves. As we reveal more of our potential, the practice is to then get out of our own way. 

Derek Covington

When we set out to achieve the impossible, success might be rare… But the ultimate celebration – learning and transforming – can always be guaranteed when pursued mindfully – and this can be trained.” 

Derek Covington

“We conquer ourselves – not the mountain – because like any journey in life, whether it is going to the Olympic Games, or anything else, it is the journey not the outcome, that is important.” 

Derek Covington

And as much as winning is important – what’s more important is who you are when you are trying to win, that is the most important. 

Derek Covington